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How We Grow

 We are located south of Miami in the subtropical zone-warm to hot most of the time. We do have a dry season in the winter when the humidity drops and rain is very sporadic. During these times we tend to water more often since the plants dry at a much more rapid rate. The following tips work for us and should be modified to suit you growing conditions.

 On the Vandaceous side of the greenhouse, we water every morning for ten to twenty minutes-until the roots are completely soaked and green. We water every day - vandas need water!!! We water again in the day if the humidity is below 50% and we can dry the plants by sundown. Our temps range from 50 degrees to over 100 and we keep the fans on when the temps get too hot. Air movement is critical for vandas so please keep that in mind- a fan will do wonders for keeping fungus in control. We grow under approx 60 to 70% shade depending on the season-more shade in the summer, less in the winter when the sun is not as strong. We feed our vandas full strength twice a week because the sun is VERY intense here-once a week is sufficient in most locations. We use pesticides when needed and fungicide twice a month to prevent fungal problems. Use as little  as possible to keep Mother Nature happy.

  On the Catts/Dens/species side, we water when things are dry. We grow in a variety of mixes and we check to make sure everything dries before we water again. This can be 2 to 4 time a week, depending on the seasons. We feed once a week full strength and also use Nutricote in the pots and baskets of all plants that will hold it. The key is to water your plants when they are dry and water them thoroughly so all the media and roots get saturated. Fungicides and pesticides are the same as the Vandas-we do both houses together.

 The key to good growing is observing your plants as often as possible and taking care of problems before they get out of hand. It is much easier to get scale off one plant than one hundred. We will be happy to answer  any questions  you may have-Email us at Millerstropicals@AOL.COM. Thanks and good growing.

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