This is our greenhouse-3000 sq feet devoted to Orchid species and Hydrids and select rare and unusual Tropical and Desert plants. We have installed two cisterns to collect rainwater from the greenhouse roof and this has made a Huge difference in plant growth and quality. Since we live in a very dry area, we must use our water efficiently so we don't take anything from the fragile aquifers below us.


About us 1




 We began growing orchids around 1990 in Dallas, Texas, when we received a vanda  hybrid as a gift from Susana's mother  in Miami, Florida. We planted  the vanda in potting soil and tried our best to kill it. We took it out of the pot when we thought it was dead, only to be told they needed no soil, so we revived it and that same plant today blooms non-stop. We were hooked, and we started to try growing different orchids, most with some success. We joined the local orchid societies in Fort Worth and Dallas and we learned more and more, only to end up wanting to know more. We started buying compots, then flasks. Soon we decided we had better start a business or we would soon go broke trying to keep up with our desire to grow one of everything. 

  We started Tropicals of Texas in Dallas in 1993 in a small 14' x 20' glass greenhouse in our backyard. That was soon full, so we decided to build a 20' x 30' hoop house to house the warm growing orchids and grew only Phalaenopsis in the glass house. We were doing regional AOS shows every weekend as well as working full time jobs, but the passion with orchids kept us going. Then came the offer of a lifetime and we sold everything we had in Texas and made the move to Florida.

  After 8 months working with someone else in Miami, we decided to go off on our own and Miller's Tropicals was born in November of 1998. After 10 years learning the ropes in Miami, We grew tired of the constant threat of Hurricanes. Wilma and Katrina both brought 110+mph winds and the rebuilding took its toll, so after we finished building our dream home(see link @ left), we decided to move back to Texas. Once you've lived in Texas, it's hard to live anywhere else! We started Miller's Tropical's of Texas in 2008, combining our 2 previous names, and we are here to stay. We live on 28 acres of the most beautiful land around, high on the hills overlooking Dripping Springs and we welcome anyone who loves plants to come and visit our nursery.